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Pop Vision Live Concert Event Schedule:   

Thursday, December 20th          6pm        Shenanigans Irish Pub & Grille                                               Long Beach, CA

Friday, December 22nd                9pm        On the Rocks NB                                                                   Newport Beach, CA

Friday, December 28th                 9pm        Stratosphere Hotel & Casino                                                       Las Vegas, NV 

Saturday, December 29th           9pm        Stratosphere Hotel & Casino                                                       Las Vegas, NV

Sunday, December 30th              9pm         Stratosphere Hotel & Casino                                                      Las Vegas, NV 

Monday, December 31st             9pm         Stratosphere Hotel & Casino                                                       Las Vegas, NV

Friday, January 4th                     4pm          PALA Casino                                                                                                 Pala, CA

Saturday, January 5th               4pm          PALA Casino                                                                                                  Pala, CA

Friday, January 25th                   9pm        Stratosphere Hotel & Casino                                                         Las Vegas, NV 

Saturday, January 26th              9pm        Stratosphere Hotel & Casino                                                        Las Vegas, NV

Friday, February 15th                     4pm          PALA Casino                                                                                                 Pala, CA

Saturday, February 16th               4pm          PALA Casino                                                                                                  Pala, CA

Pop Vision is a fun, energetic party cover band that specializes in top 40 songs spanning over the last ten decades. From classic rock, funk and soul to current pop, Rn'B and rock hits Pop Vision will have your party, wedding or corporate event rocking! First class, professional and unforgettable entertainment for your event is only a click away!

We can accommodate most budgets, by offering a quartet, trio or duo for any event!

And here is the video for the 3-person band, which includes drums, bass, guitar and 3 vocals: