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Pop Vision is a fun, energetic and affordable party cover band that specializes in top 40 songs spanning over the last ten decades. From classic rock, funk and soul to current pop, Rn'B and rock hits Pop Vision will have your party, wedding or corporate event rocking. They normally perform as a five piece band, but can perform as a four piece band, three piece band or even as an acoustic duo to accommodate any and every budget. Horns and/or strings can also be added by request.Their lead vocalist, Jaylee Orpiano, was on the X Factor(2013)where Simon Cowell said, 'I absolutely love you' after hearing her sing at her audition.  First class, professional and unforgettable entertainment for your event is only a click away!

Pop Vision Live Concert Event Schedule:    

Thursday, July 26th                      7pm          The Steakhouse at Agua Caliente Casino                          Rancho Mirage, CA

Friday, July 27th                            10pm        Stratosphere Hotel & Casino                                                            Las Vegas, NV

Saturday, July 28th                      10pm         Stratosphere Hotel & Casino                                                           Las Vegas, NV

Friday, August 10th                       9pm            HT Grill- TRIO- FREE!                                                             Redondo Beach, CA

Saturday, August 11th                  5pm          Private Party                                                                                             Riverside, CA

Friday, August 24th                         9pm         HT Grill- TRIO- FREE!                                                               Redondo Beach, CA

Saturday, August 25th                   9pm         On the Rocks GG- 4-piece band- FREE!                                Garden Grove, CA

Friday, September 14th                 9pm         HT Grill- TRIO- FREE!                                                              Redondo Beach, CA

Thursday, September 20th          7pm         Private Corporate Event                                                                      Carlsbad, CA

Friday, September 21st                  9pm         HT Grill- TRIO- FREE!                                                             Redondo Beach, CA

Saturday, October 27th                 7pm         OLL Fall Festival 2018                                                                      Northridge, CA

Sunday, November 18th               1pm          Private Wedding                                                                                       Malibu, CA

Tuesday, November 27th        8:45pm         Misty's Lounge                                                                                         Ontario, CA

Wednesday, November 28th   8:45pm       Misty's Lounge                                                                                         Ontario, CA

Thursday, November 29th           9pm          Misty's Lounge                                                                                         Ontario, CA

Friday, November 30th          8:30pm           Misty's Lounge                                                                                          Ontario, CA

Saturday, December 1st        8:30pm           Misty's Lounge                                                                                          Ontario, CA

Sunday, December 2nd          8:45pm          Misty's Lounge                                                                                          Ontario, CA

Monday, December 3rd          8:45pm          Misty's Lounge                                                                                          Ontario, CA

We can accommodate most budgets, by offering 5-piece band, 4-piece band and 3-piece band for any event! 

Here is our promo video for the 4-piece band, which includes bass, drums, keyboard, guitar and 4 vocals: 

And here is the video for the 3-piece band, which includes drums, bass, guitar and 3 vocals: